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Hold Me


Hold me.

Hold me real tight.

Let me believe you will never let me go.

Hold me closer.

Put your heart against mine.

I long to be overwhelmed by you.

Just hold me.

Like I’m yours forever.

Let me lose myself in you.

Dont stop me.

So many things i want to say

Stop me.

But if you really want to know.

Kiss me.

And then disappear.

hold me

Don’t You Know


You say I’m careless about us

And you can hardly feel my love

Baby don’t you know

That your essence is always in my vein

Don’t you know that the sun always shines even when

It’s raining when I am with you

Don’t you know when you smile at me

It feels as you gave me all the stars in the sky

Don’t you know that your image keeps

Lingering in my mind all the time

And don’t you know I fall in love again

Every time I see your face

Leonid Afremov

Painting by  ©Leonid Afremov

Your Face


Your beautiful face is my favorite among millions

Every morning your face is like the sun shining on me to help me get things done

And all I want to do to is kiss your face and tell you how much I love you

Looking at your face soothes me and makes me feel content.

Seeing your face is my daily drug as it feels like I’m flying high without wings above the clouds

Your face is the oxygen mask to the plane crash I have always been

I’ve found in your face everything that was missing in my life

(This poem is dedicated to my little princess Nelly)