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I’ll start this by saying I am a VERY opinionated person and a vocal one at that!

Opinions are who we are, our morals, values and beliefs…..

Opinions are what make the world an interesting place. A world without different opinions would be a boring place….

Opinions are what make us who we are as an individual. They are based off things we have learned since day one, they are based off beliefs we have and the morals and values we stand on. It’s sad that our opinions are also 90% of the reason why we fight and treat others like crap. They are the number one reason why people make fun of others and find reasons to break someone’s spirit. It’s sad that we can’t just live knowing that you won’t always agree with someone but that is okay. It’s sad that people can’t agree to disagree and move on instead they feel the need to make fun, call names and belittle one another. I wonder if for one day you chose to allow others to have their point of view and you have yours and it still be okay if you’d realize how much happier you would be.

Being a woman


Being a woman means getting raped when you say “NO” to him

Being a woman means getting stalked everywhere because he finds you pretty

Being a woman means he can hit you whenever he’s angry or drunk

Being a woman means getting paid less than men even if you are more qualified

Being a woman means hearing horrible car honks/nasty swears every time he thinks you’re wearing sexy outfits

Being a woman means you have too many stories to tell