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Quote of the Week: On Grief


“On grief: I hope you know it is okay if your strength looks a little different in this season. I hope you know that the fire inside of you is still there, even if it burns quietly, and gently, as candles do on windowsills. I hope you know that it is okay to not feel the same and to notice all of the things that have changed, because all of this, absolutely all of this is very real. I hope you also know that even in the rush of it all, there is time and grace to heal. There is time to take your time here, seeking peace beyond understanding, even if you do not feel you are all the way there yet. Breath after breath, depth into depth, the steps that you take not only matter, but they reveal the quiet strength that has been in you all along, and has been growing ever since. “— Morgan Harper Nichols


Missing Someone (Death)


Where did they go? I want to go too

But they told me to stay, they will be back soon

But in vain I kept waiting

Oh how I wish they did send me a key to unlock time

Oh don’t they know I’d kill to be able to hear their voices one last time

One more hug, one more anything

Maybe we will meet again in another life, in another dimension,

Over another rainbow until then I will keep waiting