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Quote of the Week


I wish people enjoy poetry as much as hypocrisy. I wish they create art rather than wars. I wish they discuss atoms, aliens, sex, science, music instead of rating each other by ethnicity, religion and nationality. I wish they had a twisted mind who speak with emotion and kindness, not with hate and blindness.

-Rim Zeiny


When someone doesn’t like you


I have to admit I never cared about people opinion about or whether they like me or not. Some people can’t digest the idea that someone doesn’t like them. We can’t really take it personally when it becomes clear to us that someone dislikes us. Well, in reality, we all do sometimes take it very personally, however, our taking it personally is not really reflective of the absolute truth of the situation.

Some people are going to dislike us no matter what, without really knowing us and without having really had much contact with us at all. Some people will dislike us and they themselves will not really know why exactly! It may seem “unfair” and may annoy us, but, there it is, isn’t it? It is often not really based at all on what we may have done or what we have failed to do, but on “personal chemistry”, which comes out of ours and their past conditioning and experiences with others.

But just because someone dislikes us or just because we may dislike them that is still no reason why we both can’t love one another. Loving and liking are really two different things. It’s nice when they exist together, but they don’t really have to.