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Things I like



  1. I like the smell of old books and newspapers, chopped firewood asphalt after rain and fresh baked bread

  2. I like when people tell me how they feel without holding back

  3. I like walking in the rain

  4. I like history, literature, anthropology, sociology, psychology, parapsychology, paranormal research,

  5. I like people that inspire me, make me smile, dream, laugh and hope

  6. I like butterflies for me they are flying flowers

  7. I like balloons whenever I see one I have to grab it, attach a string to it and pull it home with me.

  8. I like wine, especially on Friday night, sitting in a pub with my friends

  9. I like to laugh very hard until my eyes becomes watery

  10. I like when people disagree with me or tell me no because I love to prove them wrong

  11. I like babies’ chubby cheeks, they are unbearably cute

  12. I like surprising people, intriguing them and defying expectation

  13. I like testing my limits like to know what I am capable of and how far I can push myself

  14. I like using fountain pens with funky colored ink.

  15. I like deep and meaningful conversations

  16. I like hugging it’s kind of an open communication with others

  17. I like the warmth of the grainy sand between my toes.