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Closed Doors


We close the door to the past and put the key in a safe place. Every so often we find ourselves revisiting the steps of that broken, rusty, dusty door hoping to find what use to be on the other side. What was once always there is now gone but hope is not lost. What we don’t realize is that what use to be our world will soon be replaced by a greater version then what we had. Replaced with something we can’t even start to dream of. The odd thing about all this is once we have it in our lives we can’t see ourselves without it even though we once never had it at all. A wise man once said; “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”.


New Year Poem


Like the newborn with outstretched fingers
Hold tight and remember that it is the day that promises May become reality
Save the planning for the night time hours Keep the candle close

Every dream Every Thing
You have chanted Now resounds
It is time to Make good
No more promises

Walk with Purpose
Let Your Eyes Show Your
And Remember To Drink Deeply From The Well Of Love