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What is the fascination with celebrities?  What is the obsession?  Other than making more money than they should, I see no reason why we should even care what celebrities do.  In fact, that is the main focus point of this blog.

Day after day, and hour after hour, we are force fed the insignificant facts and rumors about celebrities.  Who they are dating, who they are not dating.  I find no reason why I should even care if some has been celebrity is now married to some slacker loser who can’t even get a job. Where are the pictures of the homeless, the hungry family, and the mother selling her soul for food for her kids?


But they are famous you say.  Who the hell cares?  If an actor or actress makes a good movie, then good for them.  They are just regurgitating lines written by someone else, under the direction of someone else.  If a singer makes a hit song, chances are someone else wrote it.  If the singer did write the song, then everyone has to analyze it and imprint their own views as to why the song was written when chances are we may never know.

Celebrities are OVER paid.  Military soldiers who live and die for us everyday get paid far less then they deserve.  Police Officers and Fireman are also underpaid for what they do.  Yet, we sit idly by while a Celebrity can make millions for under one year of work.  I understand that Celebrity Athletes can have careers that last for less than ten years and that they need to make their money quick or they might not make it at all, however, millions a year.

We have been told time after time that we have to pay so much for DVD’s and CD’s because everyone involved in making the movie or song has to be paid.  I may not be the most intelligent person in the world, but what would happen if instead of paying the lead actor, actress, artist or athlete millions upon millions for one project, you cut their pay to under one million.  Then the extra money could be spread out to the other people involved in the project.  The savings could be passed onto the consumer who may then buy more quantities of various products.

I am not suggesting a Communist state where everyone gets paid equally I only suggest that people get paid what they are actually worth.  NO person is worth more than a million or more a year.  Get real.  If the actor is good, hire him again, if not hire someone else.  There are thousands of out of work actors and actresses that would love to have a chance to make it big.  Celebrities are people, nothing more and nothing less.