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Petals of Pain


A flower

standing tall



cut for its features




growing older




wilted petals





of friends

of trust

of love

of dreams

slowly falling


pulled from the vase

no longer prized







Rumor Has It


Rumor has it that she forgot him and moved on

People whispering that she’s now dancing

With someone new under the moonlight

But the heartbreak inside her

Tells another story

She’s still in love with him

She’s still under his spell

She hasn’t felt any single season

Since the last summer when he coldly left her



Let It Go 2


It takes a real strength and courage to forgive people, to start all over again in life, to let things go, things that hurt you, things that wounded and made you bleed terribly. Things that made you suffer; promotions you lost, houses and properties you lost, men who used you, women who betrayed you. It takes a lot to always move on in spite of the hurt you get in life but you must always move on.

Someday, you will forget the hurt the reason you cried and who caused you  pain and you will finally realize that being free is not a revenge but letting things unfold in their own way and own time. Smile, laugh, forgive , believe and learn to love again





People don’t want to experience any hurt after a hardship. When really that’s all part of the process. You have to feel hurt and heal in order to become the new you that you want to be! You’re like a wound after you’ve experienced something traumatizing. You have to hurt, you have to clean it, and keep up with it daily. You have to scab over and then you heal. You’ll always have a scar to remind you of what you’ve been through, but that’s a part of what make you: You.pain

The Mask


You’ve been wearing a mask for so long

To cover up the pain you feel

Nobody could hear or see your cries for help

Behind your beautiful deceiving mask

Every night you are surrounded by people

Yet you feel more alone than ever in your mind

You’re no longer whole, your heart is still attached

To people and things that have broken you

You think you can fool me

But I can see what lays underneath your mask

The real beautiful you full with scars and wounds

Hoping one day you will get rid of your mask

Till then I will be here… waiting


Prisoner of Time


Time has locked her in a cage

Where paradise never change

Sarcastic illusions of minds
Whispering closely into the shadows
Waiting the night born up in pieces

No one was there at the right time
The unbearable hours
Standing in half, between past and future

Collecting memories of photographic time
Infinitive request of darkness
Chaotic equations disable dimensions

Time has locked her  on a cage
Where illusions had never been changed

(dedicated to someone dear to me)

Painful Encouter


In a crowded pub on a Friday night

Their eyes suddenly met

And all the memories came back

“Is that really her?” he asked himself

Or it is his mind playing tricks on him

Don’t she know he was always searching for her

In the crowds, movies and books?

Is it too late to ask her for a dance?

Where he can lays in her arms and dream forever

Yes, it is too late

He is just a torn page in her book now

That night he went home with tears in his eyes

He didn’t know the meaning of loneliness

Until she walked away from his life


The Breakup


This agony inside her is like cancer

Even if you cut it out; it will come back again

Everyday her thoughts are killing her

Only if she can stop loving or caring about him

But he is her kryptonite

How everything can crash down at such rapid pace

So she reached the voodoo doll inside of her mind

Sticking him with its pins

Maybe just maybe this can numb her pain


I’ll try to find a way


I will try to find a way

I will try to find my courage

To fill the void

This feeling inside me is so unusual

And I’m laying breathless in my bed

Tell me what I should do

To bring the broken pieces back together

Tell me why you had to leave

And even though you are not here

I will remember you every time my heart beats

And I will try to find a way to live again

the Absinthe Drinker

The Absinthe Drinker by Viktor Oliva

(Note: I wrote this poem few years ago)