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I’m Like a Butterfly


To love me is like catching a butterfly

That is always able of flying and escaping

You can’t cage me

Or own me or have me

I always fly

I always leave



I’m a tornado


I’m like a tornado

You don’t see coming

Once I hit,

I’m like the wind,

Blow you away;

Make everything spin.

Don’t care anymore,

Friend or kin.

Yet if you decide to stay

Might find me exceptionally loving





Have you ever felt
Not at one with the day?
That the sun is monotony
And blue skies ever grey?

The sun on its pedestal
Has no warmth in its aura,
Making banshees of us
And defacing the flora.

But as the yellow orb sets
Sacrificing its light,
A portal is opened
For the realm of the night.

The pale-faced moon,
Outshining its brother,
Infuses an aura
Unlike any other.

In the sapphire void
The stars come to dance.
The brightest are seen
By gazing askance.

In the deafening silence
The world is alive.
The night and myself
Are like bees to the hive.

I feel I am free;
For these hours I am Queen.
My kingdom by day
Is shadow and unseen.

I call me nocturnal
And the night be my realm;
A silent dark ship
With myself at the helm.

Tonight the moon
Is a radiant sight.
What wonders by day
Could compare to the night?