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What is at stake?


What does one do,
When their feelings are real,
But the one they are towards,
Doesn’t know how you feel?

The answer seems easy,
But there’s too much at stake,
I’ve been wondering if,
It’s a risk I should take.

Given time, questions will unfold

 And show the answers held within them.

(I wrote this poem few years ago)tumblr_m895a4s4Lr1ry2xw8o1_500

Love So Deep


Love is not to blame
But I confess that
I love deeply
Too deeply at times
I cannot change this

I left because of it and do not wish
for it to turn into something
Resentful or filled with

Love deserves more than that
You deserve more than that
It is simply because
I love you

Post Breakup


Dear Ex,

Can you please lift the curse?

She asked while looking at his pictures

She isn’t able to escape,

The songs she listen to, the movies she watches, and the books she reads

All appear to conspire against her

To remind her of his face in one way or another

She can even hear the memories talking through the wall

Sadness weighs her down like anchor weighs a ship down to the sandmichelle-brea-mod-3

How I feel about you


My emotions for you run deeper than passion, friendship, love, time, lust, and space, the feelings I have for you are infinite, it is and will always be. The comfort, healing properties, and peace I receive from these feelings and emotions are the most valuable thing I possess. You are the addiction that I can’t keep myself away from. There is a flame in my heart that belongs to you and only you; each day it grows and glows just for you. You are the lost piece of my puzzle that I wish I didn’t need, I don’t think you know how much do you mean to me.


It matters


Not a day goes by that I don’t feel what matters most in my heart. The people I love, my creations, my love of life and the relationship I have with myself. All of this is what I bring into relationships. I’m very selective, I experience this as honoring myself, my time and the time I share with others. I’m tender and quiet today. This is the result of my heart beating strong. Because of this it feels deeply. It was said to me today it hurts because it matters. It sure does matter!!