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Innocent Questions


Why should I want to go somewhere when I die? Isn’t it just a reflection of man’s quest for immortality, if I can’t live forever here I’ll live forever somewhere else.


Why a lot of organized religions seem to hold their followers by fear of damnation?

Do you believe that your religion is more superior to the other religions?

Why religious people laugh and dismiss out of hand any faith but their own and resent anyone who is not like them in every way?

Isn’t religion one of the biggest marketing manipulation to earn money from the people? Twain

Did you read your holy book, or more important do you understand it? Have you done some research and critical thinking about your religion?


Why you are a believer of a certain religion is it because you was raised by your parents to believe in it?

With so many written holy books, what make your book is the right one? Aren’t all those books were written by humans just like yourself?


How much wars, racism, and hate were created by religion? Why do logic and reason fail to explain all those prophecies and miracles?


Do we need religion to be moral after all morality come from reasoning, common sense? Do I need a book to tell me that killing, stealing, raping is wrong?


Why religious societies actually tend to be backward and less moral?

Isn’t forcing religion to children at very young age by threating them that they will burn in hell for eternity is considered to be a child abuse?


Isn’t religion just a dictatorship about a powerful tyrant?

Don’t you think if god existed this world would be the perfect place?


If we relied on miracles and praying instead of science don’t you think we will still be living in caves? pray2kjihpray

Why so many religions are already extinct? .