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Oh school I don’t miss your prison

Where we were held as hostages for long and boring eight hours

I don’t miss listening to the ticks of the clock ticking on the wall

Waiting for the bell to ring

I don’t miss students’ obsession and anxiety about grades instead of knowledge

Oh, don’t you see that you turned the brilliant minds

Into a dying flame

Oh, school you’re just a factory for making future robots

Who follow the rules without questioning


You Know It’s Monday


You know it’s Monday when you wake up your spirit animal is a tortoise that’s stuck on its back. There are grunts involved, and some hobbling.


You know it’s Monday when you are in killing spree mood after receiving a lion’s share of “Good Morning”

killing monday

You know it’s Monday when nothing quite goes right: you’re late despite waking up at 5:30 am, you put salt instead of sugar in your coffee cup then you spill your coffee on your new outfit,  your socks don’t’ match, you caused paper jam in the printer, etc and then you start to sob with pain

shoot me

You know it’s Monday when you start to feel like a third grade student looking forward for lunch break

lunch monday

You know it’s Monday when you plan to stare at the ceiling and slowly drift into madness and start doubting your mental health


You know it’s Monday when your faith in God is restored again “Lord give me strength”


You know it’s Monday when you prefer to go to the dentist instead going to work/school


You know it’s Monday when you all you do is sitting on your chair quietly plotting your escape