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By now she imagines
that her envy must have a flavor
Bitter orange and arsenic,
or apple peels and dust

It’s hard to be content
when she sees better all around
Unattainable, out of reach,
like sweet ripe fruit just above her head

she can’t change anything real, so
she will change her hair, change her dress, change her ideas
And hope nobody notices the plain old her
still hiding underneath

she feels like a brown-grey caterpillar
so how come, after so many years
she isn’t
a butterfly yet?

Prisoner of Time


Time has locked her in a cage

Where paradise never change

Sarcastic illusions of minds
Whispering closely into the shadows
Waiting the night born up in pieces

No one was there at the right time
The unbearable hours
Standing in half, between past and future

Collecting memories of photographic time
Infinitive request of darkness
Chaotic equations disable dimensions

Time has locked her  on a cage
Where illusions had never been changed

(dedicated to someone dear to me)

Unhappy Marriage


She’s starring at him

Wishing he could gaze upon her eyes

To see she’s drowning without water

But it’s a mere wish

And this is what it feels like to be forgotten

She wonders what happened to him.; what happened to their love?

He used to be her safe harbor when storm batter her

And what happened to her?

She begin to feel like a dry oak leaf left to be crumbled alone

Or like a dust in the wind

Sad, dry, and non-dancing dust

marriage egg