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The Joy of Love


Love is like a shiver that penetrates your heart

And fills it with burst of laughter and hope

A gentle kiss and sweet embrace

And you’re flying on the wings of joy

At that moment your new life begins

With the first rays of sun shining above you

And the stars shining just for you to lighten your darkest nights

leonid Afremov

Painting @ Leonid Afremov



Oh school I don’t miss your prison

Where we were held as hostages for long and boring eight hours

I don’t miss listening to the ticks of the clock ticking on the wall

Waiting for the bell to ring

I don’t miss students’ obsession and anxiety about grades instead of knowledge

Oh, don’t you see that you turned the brilliant minds

Into a dying flame

Oh, school you’re just a factory for making future robots

Who follow the rules without questioning




Oh chocolate how delicious you are

My happiest days are full with your taste in my mouth

Oh one bite of you and I’m in heaven

And no matter how I try I cannot stop thinking about your aroma

Oh that smell of yours always leaving longing for more

Oh chocolate you are my best friend

You know how to cure my broken heart

And how to deal with my awful mood swing

Oh chocolate you are my favorite sin promising me heaven




cold heart

You say I’m cold and don’t have a heart

It’s hard for me to feel the warmth

When I’ve been in the cold for longtime

You see I’ve experienced heartbreak and pain

And I’ve watched everything fall into the abyss

I’ve used up my love, energy, and hope on another love

And now I don’t have the strength to fight or move

So I’m stuck outside in the cold with my frozen heart

Waiting for your warmth to rescue me

Your Face


Your beautiful face is my favorite among millions

Every morning your face is like the sun shining on me to help me get things done

And all I want to do to is kiss your face and tell you how much I love you

Looking at your face soothes me and makes me feel content.

Seeing your face is my daily drug as it feels like I’m flying high without wings above the clouds

Your face is the oxygen mask to the plane crash I have always been

I’ve found in your face everything that was missing in my life

(This poem is dedicated to my little princess Nelly)




You cover your skin with tons of make up

You think it will make you look pretty, that’s what society tells you everyday

You are told to hate your own face,

You try to hide your imperfections that you find in yourself under layers of color

You need to remember that beauty is only skin deep

So smile, widely & beautifully from sheer bliss of the moment

Not worrying how you think you look.

When you are genuinely happy you are most beautiful.

Spend less time applying make-up and more time making-up


You are my greatest gift


Love is a gift that darns sun from rain.

And you placed the gift of love on my heart’s mantle

You are the silver lining in any and every dark cloud I could ever find.

There is no need to go looking for the light when you bring it with you.

Your love makes me feel like there is no tomorrow

When I’m with you I don’t need anything

As you are the greatest gift of my life

(dedicated to Rabih)