You’re Breaking My Heart


You’re breaking my heart when I see

Your beautiful smile bents out of shape

You don’t look at me when I ask you “how are you”

But I don’t need your fake smile to know

There is a war waging inside you

And the world has collapsed on you

I can’t make you laugh anymore

All I want to do is making you feel loved

Just grab my hand and let me pull you

From that cliff that you have been standing on for so long

Don’t you know that I will run through fire for you?

Together, we will fight your demons

Just open up to me, don’t be afraid

It doesn’t matter how many time you will trip and fall

I will be there for you to pick you up

And to wipe every tear

You are not alone, I will always be there for you

Just let me be the key to your lock

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

(This poem is dedicated to someone dear to me who’s suffering from depression)


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  2. Beautiful. You wrote: “You are not alone, I will always be there for you.” As someone who has been to hell and back with depression, that is one of the most important thing to you. I wish your friend the best and may they find their way back from depression, see the light that’s waiting for them.

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    • Thank you Kathy ❤
      I'm sorry that you went through rough times, but at the same time glad you overcome it =)
      I'm fearing it is going to be a long journey, as you know some refuse to get help, but I will always be there =)


  3. Nadine, I almost cried while reading your lovely words. I wish I had someone who could send me such words, or stand by me to get over the hard times 🙂 You are so beautiful and pure from inside.

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    • Abeer thank you so much for your beautiful and kind words ❤ You are sensitive, beautiful from the inside and strong woman I can tell that whenever I read your blog =)
      What's the purpose of my existence in this life if I can't help the ones that I love the most? We all need someone to lean on in this rough life =)


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