This is in response to the Weekly Six Word Story Challenge hosted by Nicola .

I made several attempts please tell me which one is your favorite:

If he could turn back time

He looks back. See. And regret.

Regret is understatement in his case.


I am lost in yesterday’s memories


You are my biggest regret ever.


No regret, she learned her lesson


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  1. The last one is the best 😛 So optimistic. 🙂
    Nice attempts though. Art need not be optimistic, it’s just me. 🙂

    Have a great week ahead,

    What does your name mean Nadine? ( If you know!)


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    • Thank you =)
      I noticed that when you post a six word story you always turn it into something positive/optimistic.
      I also agree, I like sad art as well as it is so real in portraying struggle, pain, etc
      You too Anand =)
      One time I looked for the meaning of my name and I found out it has Russian and French roots, and it means hope =) Now I’m curious about your name 😀

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      • Bliss is my name dear! Ananda means ‘bliss’ and it’s from Sanskrit. You have a beautiful name. I agree that art works as a cathartic process too. I am way past that phase. I don’t want to do things for their own sake–maybe once in a while…mostly I feel glad if someone gets helped by reading my posts or comments. A smile or a good feeling…it’s biggest reward I can ever get. Much love ❤

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      • Thank you =) I used to hate it when I was younger. And that’s name suits you perfectly, you are a bliss to everyone as you try to bring happiness and joy in this world. Indeed, the biggest reward if you can put a smile on someone’s face and light up their world.

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    • Thank you ❤
      When I think about the word regret, the image of soldiers always pop up in my head. After killing civilians and innocent people in war, soldiers bring guilt and regret back to their home

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