I need to run
I need to hide
I have to find out what’s locked up inside.
To see the truth beneath the cover
Unlock the secrets
That have been there forever.
To release the stress that has been ingrained
To reduce the power of those who have so long reined.
Alone I must run away from this place
And this shall be my saving grace



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  1. I like the poem. The photograph seems well-chosen to go with it too. I think most of us sometimes feel that we want to run away from being confined and controlled. I certainly do (usually during working hours, of course). 🙂


    • Thank you so much =) I need solitude from time to time, as we all need to run away from everyone and everything from time to time or otherwise we will go insane.
      Ah don’t remind me about work I just came from holiday two days ago, and the first 5 minutes in work all I was thinking about how to escape from there, you should see me on Fridays how I rush to the door after the work is over, you would mistake me for Usain Bolt

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