Perfectly Imperfect


In a world full of imperfections find the beauty in mistakes, trials, and hard times. You are not a bad person because of mistakes you’ve made in the past. You are not broken because of tough things you’ve been through. You are perfectly imperfect, that’s what makes you human. Seeing through someone’s imperfections and loving one another (not just romantically but in any aspect) that’s the difference between being a negative person and a positive one. There are so many positive things that come from the negative parts of life. Embrace every aspect of life and love one another. There’s nothing more respectable than loving someone for who they are no matter where they’ve been or what they’ve gone through. Everyone needs to know they mean something to someone


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  1. Such a deep message. Thank you for this. Imperfection is the best quality as we all are imperfectly perfect and when we know we and others are not perfect we always have a wish an opportunity to grow and become better we. 🙏

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    • Thank you ❤ I wrote this because people are always apprehensive about what the society thinks about them This in turn creates despair, grief, etc I just wanted to say we can find freedom to live within our imperfections and learn to grow.

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      • Yes I did understand what your message was but mostly we all are more looking outside then inside. We don’t normally care for self and create pain Just trying to make others happy.

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      • That’s so true, we seek the approval for others in order to make them happy but in return we lose/neglect ourselves in the process that’s why we end up unhappy

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