Greed and Gratitude


If we learn to be content with minimal things.
Then we find ourselves feeling rich no matter what life brings.
A man with three meals and a bed is rich to those that go unfed, and he is envied by Those who have no bed.

Contentment is a place that few have seen, we are divided from it by a sea of greed.
Mountains of envy too stand in the way,
“If I only had that” is what we often say


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  1. I agree, but me having been living in the street well… is always nice now to live in a rent room (a real shitty one) in a very bad town (full of drug dealers and killers) and have internet and a computer that cost me 250$, a bed, money for food (not a lot for food) my cigarettes (I have to cut down on that)…… but when I go to the house of my parents which I´m writing now from their house since my mother is sick and I´m pretty much the caretaker, not pretty much I am. Plus cleaning the house, doing the shopping for food, taking care of her evil dog, in a town that is normal not like the getto I live in, well, certainly it makes my life much more happy being in a town that has money, normal people, I don’t have fights for survival although I´m use to violence unfortunately but certainly is nice to walk among not rich people but people that have not only some good economic status but that you can talk with them not only about how your going to sell this or that things illegal and illegally. Bores me that life, lived it too long. I can do better and money certainly will help, I´m not saying is the sole solution but certainly it helps.

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    • With the deteriorating economic situation in my country, I feel every word you said. Money can’t buy happiness, but a lack of it sometimes can buy sadness, I see miserable people all around me because of it. We need money to survive, for our basic needs, and even for our health (if we don’t have money, we cannot buy medicines or get hospitalized). Without sufficient money, our future is bleak and uncertain, and we will certainly have hard time sleeping at night worrying about it. I hate the idea of “needing money.” Worrying about money has occupied far too much of my life. Having money allows us a certain freedom. Only if we can have re a healthy balance between life, freedom, and money, that will be ideal for us all.


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