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Wake your mind


Do you believe  in what you believe in because it’s what you’re always been taught, or because you’ve searched and tried it for yourself?

Are you living your life, or are you living out everyone else collective thoughts and beliefs? Have you ever truly met and embraced your true self, or are you living out everyone’s opinion of you?




Courage is leaving a secure job to follow your dreams or travel the world

Courage is having a kind heart in a cruel world

Courage is leaving an abusive relationship or even a loving relationship when it’s not quite right for you

Courage is breaking society rules and taking the road less traveled by

Courage is telling your boss no when you sense there is something illegal or just plain wrong

Courage is waking up with a smile on your face when you are at the end of your rope

Courage is leaving your hiding place, taking off your mask, and let the world see the real you

Courage is the ability to strengthen yourself against the fear and despair of life, rather than be drowned by it

Courage is standing up for your values, ideas and morals against what is right in a sea of people that embrace what is wrong.